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What is the Misc Applications module used for?

The Misc Applications module is used to create custom feature codes that any phone system user can dial in order to reach a destination.

For example, you could use this module to create a feature code "0" that would route calls to a time condition. The time condition could then route the call to an Operator during business hours or an IVR after hours.

You could also use this module to create an extension number that could be used to dial directly into an IVR, a DISA, or a Time Condition. This would allow you to test these setups without having to call into your system from an outside number. You could also route calls to the extension number from the VMX Locater section of the Extensions module.

You could also use this module to block the use of certain telephone numbers. For example, if you do not want your users calling 12125551212, you could make it a feature code that routes to "Terminate Call: Play SIT Tone (Zapateller)" or an Announcement stating that the user is not allowed to call that number from this phone.

How is the Misc Applications module related to the other modules?

The Misc Applications module works together with any module that can create a destination, by allowing users to directly dial that destination even if it does not have a number assigned to it. It is most frequently used to for testing purposes and to route calls from the VMX Locater section of the Extensions Module to a destination that does not automatically have an extension number assigned to it, such as a DISA, an IVR, or a Time Condition.

How Do I Get to the Misc Applications Module?

  • From the top menu click Applications
  • In the Drop Down click Misc Applications

How Do I use the Misc Applications Module?

See the User Guide

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