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This page refers to systems running PBX version 12 and earlier, which are now end of life. Please see this this page for current systems: fwconsole commands (13+), and additionally this page for FreePBX 15+ fwconsole commands (15+)
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The GUI interface should always be used to manage your PBX, and the "Module Admin" Module should be used within the GUI for adding and removing modules, however it is possible to manage modules directly via the CLI.

As an example to install the "System Admin" module you could issue the following command via the Linux CLI:

amportal a ma install sysadmin

Additional commands and parameters are listed below:

Module Admin Functions
 amportal a ma [params] <operation> <module> [parameters..]

  -f  Force operation (skips dependency and status checks)
      WARNING: Use at your own risk, modules have dependencies for a reason!
  -R, --repo, --repos repo1,repo2,repo3...)
      List of repositories to check, valid options: standard, extended, unsupported, commercial.)
      Locally installed modules will be checked despite the repository list.)
  checkdepends <module>
      Check if module meets all dependencies
  delete <module>
      Disable, uninstall, and delete the specified module
      Disable, uninstall, and delete ALL MODULES
      WARNING: Use at your own risk, this will remove ALL MODULES from your system!
  disable <module>
      Disable the specified module
  download <module>
      Download the module from the website
      If -f is used, downloads even if there is already a copy.
  enable <module>
      Enable the specified module
  info <module>
      Get information about a given module
  i18n <module>
      print out i18n required text for the given module
  install <module>
      Install the module (must exist in the modules directory)
      Installs any module not installed that is locally available
      Installs all module that exist in the repository
      ReDownloads all modules that have invalid signatures
      List all local modules and their current status
      List all local and repository modules and their current status
      Reload the configuration (same as pressing the reload bar)
  reversedepends <module>
      Show all modules that depend on this one
      Show a list of upgradable modules
      Shows any annoucements that maybe displayed at for this version
  uninstall <module>
      Disable and uninstall the specified module
  upgrade <module>
      Equivalent to running download and install
      Downloads and upgrades all modules with pending updates
  --help, -h, -?           Show this help



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  1. This should be updated to reference fwconsole instead for FreePBX 13+.