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In this article we will cover installing and licensing iSymphony V3 on FreePBX Distro systems

Required Steps

  1. Make sure the iSymphony V3 packages are installed
    1. From the Linux CLI run "yum -y install iSymphonyServerV3-fpbx"
  2. Make sure you have the latest iSymphony V3 module installed
    1. From the Linux CLI run "amportal a ma upgrade cxpanel && amportal a r"
  3. Add your iSymphony V3 license
    1. From the Admin GUI navigate to Admin --> iSymphony V3
    2. Add your license in the "Activate" field.
    3. Click the Activate button. The screen should refresh with the license details.  
      1. If you bought iSymphony from the FreePBX/Sangoma Portal, you can see the license key code by viewing the deployment in the Sangoma Portal.


Optional Steps

You may want to disable the older iSymphony v2 if you don't have a license for it, or don't plan to use it.

  1. From the Linux CLI run:
    1. service iSymphonyServer stop
    2. chkconfig iSymphonyServer off
    3. amportal a ma disable isymphony



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