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This short guide details how to install and start using FOP2 in FreePBX/PBXact v14 and above.


1. Install FOP2

wget -O - | bash

2. Modify FOP2's script for locating the TLS cert and key files inside FreePBX/PBXact

sed -i.BAK '/CERT=\$/s/.*/CERT=\$(grep "SSLCertificateFile \/" \/etc\/httpd\/conf.d\/ssl.conf | grep -o " \/.*")/' /usr/src/fop2/server/ ; sed -i '/KEY=\$/s/.*/KEY=\$(grep "SSLCertificateKeyFile \/" \/etc\/httpd\/conf.d\/ssl.conf | grep -o " \/.*")/' /usr/src/fop2/server/

3. Run the script that we just modified



To start using FOP2 point your web browser to https://pbx.ip.or.domain/fop2 . The default Passwords are the same extension numbers themselves:

FOP2 server's configurations and customizations are done in its Panel Manager at https://pbx.ip.or.domain/fop2/admin . The default login credentials are the same of the administrative account of FreePBX/PBXact's webUI:

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