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What is the IVR Module used for?

An IVR or "Interactive Voice Response" menu allows callers to interact with your telephone system via their telephone keypads.

The IVR Module is used to set up a menu system that will play an initial recording to callers, allow them to dial an option or an extension number, and route their call to a particular location based upon what they dial.

For example, you could configure an inbound route to send an incoming call to an IVR, so that when people call your number, they would hear a greeting that would thank them for calling and say, "If you know your party's extension number, you may dial it at any time. For sales, press 1.  For service, press 2. For our address and fax number, press 3. For our hours of operation, press 4."

How is the IVR Module related to the other Modules?

The IVR module plays messages that you record or upload in the System Recordings module.

The IVR Module works together with any module that can route a phone call, including Inbound Routes, Ring Groups, Queues, and Paging.

The IVR Module also works together with any module that can act as a destination, because the IVR Module is used to route calls.

The IVR will only show destination options if they have already been defined in the PBX. More destination options will appear in the IVR as new destinations are configured in the system. (For example, new system announcements or conference rooms.)

How Do I Get to the IVR Module?

  • On the top menu click Applications
  • In the drop down click IVR


Create a system recording which will be used as the initial audio greeting in the IVR – see System Recordings Module.

How Do I Use the IVR Module?

See the User Guide

See Configuration Samples

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  1. how to create ivr menu system in freepbx? it seems to be difficult. help needed