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Sample IVR Example 1

IVR Name:  MainIVR

IVR Description:  Main Company IVR

Announcement:  WelcometoCompany

Direct Dial:  Enabled

Timeout:  10

Invalid Retries:  3

Invalid Retry Recording:  SorryTryAgain

Append Original Announcement:  Checked

Invalid Recording:  SorryAllDone

Invalid Destination:  Terminate Call:Hangup

Timeout Retries:  2

Timeout Retry Recording:  SorryDidNotHearAnythingTryAgain

Append Original Announcement:  Checked

Timeout Recording:  SorryDidNotHearAnythingOperator

Timeout Destination:  Extensions:  Operator <0>

IVR Entries:

EXT     Destination                    Return
1         Ring Groups:Sales         Not Checked
2         Ring Groups:Service       Not Checked 
3         Announcement:Address  Not Checked
4         Announcement:Hours     Not Checked

Sample IVR Example 2

To add external access to voicemail via an IVR, add an entry that calls the built-in voicemail feature code, *98.

  • Ext: *98 (or whatever IVR dial code you wish)
  • Destination: Feature Code Admin
    • select "Dial Voicemail <*98>"

When callers dial *98 at the IVR, they will then be asked for their mailbox number and password just as if they had dialled *98 from an inside office handset.

An alternative approach is to have users dial their own mailbox from outside and then press * while their greeting is playing. They will be asked for their voicemail password.

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