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The API module is new for PBX version 15+ and is still in development. It's possible that changes in APIs may occur while development is in progress.

We can always refer to API module's documentation section from PBX (FreePBX/ PBXact) GUI to find details of available APIs as mentioned in API GraphQL Documentation.

Intention of this wiki to capture currently supported modules APIs for quick reference purpose so we can easily see available request APIs call and response data.

addExtension Add or create an extensionCore
Update/Modify an extensionCore
Delete an extensionCore
Create range of extensions based on given rangeCore
fetchExtension Fetch the status of an extensionCore
fetchAllExtensions Fetch all the configured extensions informationCore
addInboundRouteAdd Inbound RouteCore
updateInboundRouteUpdate Inbound RouteCore
removeInboundRouteRemove Inbound RouteCore
fetchAllInboundRoutesFetch All Inbound RouteCore
fetchInboundRouteFetch Inbound RouteCore
addCoreDeviceAdd Core DeviceCore
updateCoreDevice Updates Core DeviceCore
fetchCoreDeviceFetch Particular Core DeviceCore
fetchAllCoreDeviceFetch All Core DeviceCore
fetchAllValidExtensionsFetch all vaild extensionsCore
deleteCoreDevice Deletes Core DeviceCore
updateAdvanceSettingsUpdates Advance Settings detailsCore
fetchAdvanceSettingFetch Particular Advance Setting detailsCore
fetchAllAdvanceSettingsFetch All Advance Settings detailsCore
fetchAllCdrsFetch All CDR detailsCdr
fetchCdrFetch particular CDR detailsCdr
activateSystemActivate the systemSysadmin
updateLicenceUpdate the system licenseSysadmin
updateProvisionPortUpdate system ports like HTTP, HTTPS etc. Valid only if system has active licensed sysadmin moduleSysadmin
fetchLicenceDetailsFetch system license informationSysadmin
fetchActivationStatusFetch system activation statusSysadmin
addHostnameSet hostname of the systemSysadmin
fetchHostnameGet hostname of the systemSysadmin
installSSLCertificateInstall SSL certificate using certificate IDSysadmin
updateSSLCertificateUpdate SSL certificate using certificate IDSysadmin
fetchSSLCertificatesList of upload SSL certificatesSysadmin
updateProvisioningProtocolsUpdate Provisioning ProtocolsSysadmin
fetchProvisioningProtocolsFetch all Provisioning ProtocolsSysadmin
updateSSLProtocolUpdate SSL Protocol for ApacheSysadmin
InstallModuleInstall a module like core, ringgroup etcFramework
uninstallModuleUninstall a module like core, voicemail etcFramework
enableModuleEnable a module like core, sysadmin etcFramework
disableModuleDisable a module like core, etcFramework
upgradeModuleUpgrade a module like core, xmpp etcFramework
upgradeAllModulesUpgrade all module at once.Framework
moduleOperationPerform operations like install, uninstall, enable, disable and upgrade for modules like core etc Framework
fetchModuleStatusFetch a module statusFramework


Fetch asynchronous API statusFramework
fetchNeedReloadOperation to check if reload is required or notFramework
doreloadPerform the reload/apply configFramework
fetchAsteriskDetailsFetch details of asterisk like version, status and amistatusFramework
fetchDBStatusFetch the database status. whether its connected or notFramework
fetchGUIModeFetch the GUI mode whether its basic or advancedFramework
fetchAutomaticUpdateFetch Status of automatic updatedFramework
fetchSetupWizardList's the modules for which setup wizard is completedFramework
fwconsoleCommandRun fwconsole commandFramework
fetchInstalledModulesFetch all the installed modules listFramework
enableVoiceMailEnable Voicemail on a extensionVoicemail
disableVoiceMailDisable Voicemail on a extensionVoicemail
fetchVoiceMailFetch Voicemail detailsVoicemail
addRingGroup Add/Create a RinggroupRinggroup
updateRinggroupUpdate a RinggoupRinggroup
deleteRingGroup Delete a RinggroupRinggroup
fetchAllRingGroup Fetch all Ringgroup detailsRinggroup
fetchRingGroupFetch a particular Ringgroup DetailsRinggroup
addSipStationKeyAdd a SIPStation keySipstation
fetchSipStationkeyFetch SIPStation keySipstation
fetchSipStationStatusFetch SIPStation status detailsSipstation
removeSipStationKeyRemove SIPStation KeySipstation

Remove and delete SIPStation key and delete trunks.

enableFirewallEnable firewall configuration to into FreePBX/PBXact systemFirewall
disableFirewallDisable firewall configuration to into FreePBX/PBXact systemFirewall
addBlackListIPAdd an IP address that needs to be blockedFirewall
deleteBlackListIPDelete/Remove an blacklisted IPFirewall
addWhiteListIPAdd an IP to whitelistFirewall
updateFirewallConfigurationUpdate firewall configurationsFirewall
fetchAllWhitelistIPsAPI to list all the whitelisted IPsFirewall
fetchFirewallConfigurationFetch the firewall configurations SetFirewall
fetchBlacklistIpFetch blacklisted IP'sFirewall
fetchPm2AppStatusFetch the application status of pm2 modulePm2
generateCSRGenerate a CSR fileCertman
uploadSSLCertificateUpload a SSL certificateCertman
fetchCSRFileFetch a CSR fileCertman
deleteCSRFileDelete a CSR fileCertman
deleteCertificateDelete a Certificate by certificate IDCertman
addFTPInstanceCreating an FTP instanceFilestore
addS3InstanceCreating an S3 instanceFilestore
fetchFilestoreTypesFetch Filestore typesFilestore
fetchAWSregionsFetch list of AWS regionsFilestore
fetchFilestoreLocationsFetch the list of filestore locations savedFilestore
updateFTPInstanceUpdates FTP instanceFilestore
fetchAllFilestoresFetch all filestoresFilestore
addBackupCreate backup using the addbackup APIBackup
restoreBackup Restore a created backupBackup
fetchBackupFilesFetch list of backup'sBackup
fetchAllBackupConfigurationsFetch all backup configurationsBackup
updateBackupUpdate backupBackup
addSipNatLocalIpAdd SIP NAT local IPSipSettings
updateSipNatExternalIpUpdate SIP NAT External IPSipSettings
fetchSipNatNetworkSettingsGet the SIP NAT network settingsSipSettings
fetchWSSettingsFetch Web Socket settingsSipSettings
updateWSSettingsUpdate Web Socket settingsSipSettings
updateEndpointManagerGlobalSettingsUpdate EPM Global settingsEndpointManager
fetchEndpointManagerGlobalSettingsFetch EPM Global settingsEndpointManager
enableDPMAEnable DPMAEndpointManager
disableDPMADisable DPMAEndpointManager
fetchInternalExternalIPsFetch Internal External IP'sEndpointManager
updateEndpointGlobalSettingsUpdate Internal External IP'sEndpointManager
addSmsWebhookCreate new SMS web hookSMS
updateSmsWebhookUpdate SMS web hookSMS
deleteSmsWebhookDelete SMS web hookSMS
fetchAllSmsWebhookFetch All SMS web hooksSMS
fetchSmsWebhookFetch particular SMS web hookSMS
checkdiskspaceFetch all details of DiskspaceDashboard
fetchFollowMeReturns the follow me settings for a single extension.Find Me / Follow Me
enableFollowMeEnable follow me for the specified extension.Find Me / Follow Me
disableFollowMeDisable follow me for the specified extension.Find Me / Follow Me
updateFollowMeUpdate the follow me settingsFind Me / Follow Me
fetchInterface Fetch all firewall interfaces and default zonesFirewall
updateFirewallInterfaceUpdate firewall interface by setting default zone for firewall interfaceFirewall
fetchFirewallAdvanceSettings Fetch all firewall advance settingsFirewall
updateFirewallAdvanceSettingsUpdate firewall advance settingsFirewall
upgradepbx15to16 Upgrade pbx 15 to 16 Versionupgrade

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