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The R-Series section of FreePBX HA is for setting up and managing your Digium R-Series DAHDI Appliances. Below is an outline on how to set up the device.

Setting Up and Managing R-Series

  • On your main node (Floating IP Address), click on the High Availability module under Settings.

  • Pick the R-Series option.
  • If no R-Series is detected, you will see a screen like this:
  • If you have an R-Series plugged into the USB port of your machine, you should see the following screen. For each R-Series that the system detects, you can enable the appliance so that HA can inform the R-Series where to send calls based on what server is the active Asterisk server. Click the Enable button to enable the appliance.

  • After the device has been enabled, you will see a Disable button.
  • We can see that the R-Series is currently sending calls to the primary server and it is in T1 mode. Pressing the Switch button will force the R-Series to send calls to the backup server. (This is not something you would ever really do unless it was out of sync, since the backup server won't have Asterisk running.)

    Removing the R-Series

    If at some point you migrate from PRI to pure SIP/PJSIP/IAX2 trunks you will need to remove the service before removing the R-Series or the cluster will crash. Use these commands

    pcs --force resource delete rseries0
    pcs resource cleanup rseries0