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Before swapping the roles of the nodes, ensure that the replication has finished!  Attempting to set a node to standby before it has finished replicating will break your cluster and require manual intervention to fix. 

If you would like to force your cluster to switch which node is active, follow these steps:

  • On your Master Node (Floating IP Address), click on the High Availability module under Settings.

  • Click on the "Manage" option.

  • Here, you can see which nodes are online at the top. You can choose to put the Master Node into standby mode, which will force the cluster to move all the services over to the Slave Node and bring it up as the Master.

  • Click the Standby button next to the node you want to put in standby. Generally it would be This Host, since you would normally be logged into the floating IP address that points to the Master Node. Please note, this will take the active server offline. The server will no longer receive syncs until you re-enable it. All active calls will be lost, so only do this during down time.
  • You'll now see that freepbx-a is in standby mode and freepbx-b is online.

  • The Status page will show that freepbx-b is the current active Master and freepbx-a is not being synced.

  • If you go back to the Manage option, you can now re-enable freepbx-a to bring it back online. It will start syncing from freepbx-b to get up-to-date with any changes and become the active slave. Please note, if a node is in standby mode, it can not become active in the event that your Master Node crashes, so it's not recommended to leave a node in standby mode. You want it online and in sync. Press the Online button to bring the node back online.

  • You can now see both servers are back online.
  • Go back to the Status page and you'll see it shows that both nodes are online and in sync.