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There are two repositories for FreePBX / PBXact: Edge and Stable. The Stable repository is the default, and what you should normally run if you are in a live production environment. All the FreePBX and commercial modules that are designated as Stable have been extensively tested by our QA team, as well as by FreePBX users and PBXact customers.

Starting in FreePBX Framework, we also introduced the Edge repository. Modules will be initially published to the Edge repository for internal and Beta testing. Modules pushed to the Edge repository are not yet ready to be designated as Stable. These modules have passed development and initial QA testing; however, they are not recommended for critical production environments. We invite you to test these modules, and provide us with early feedback on them. Testing Edge modules allow you to get a sneak preview of new modules and cool features. But please be aware that they may not always work, or may cause issues with your system. We appreciate your feedback on our Edge modules and Beta products. Your input will help us make FreePBX better!

Edge Modules

Modules that are in the Edge repository are linked through their respective issue tickets which will have a status of "Edge" as they await official Sangoma QA testing. Commercial modules also often go through a Beta test period, where certain users try them at no cost. This must also be done using the Edge track.


Stable (Released and Published) Modules

Stable modules are modules that have gone through extended testing with our dedicated PBX QA team, as well as testing by our community of users and customers.  These modules are considered safe and ready for general use.  Modules that are in the Stable repository are linked through their respective issue tickets which will have a status of "Published". They will remain in this state for two weeks awaiting any community feedback, when the ticket will then be automatically closed.

Stable transitions will happen after the QA team has approved the transition.

How to Set your System for Testing the Edge Repository

If you wish to test Edge releases you can set your system to do so in Advanced Settings.

To enable the Edge repository go to “Advanced Settings" and change “Set Module Admin to Edge mode” to “Yes”:

Alternatively, one can switch to Edge mode for a single module upgrade (after which the mode will revert to Stable):

[root@freepbxdev4 ucp]# fwconsole ma upgrade ucp --edge

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