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2021-01-25 This wiki page is a work in progress as content is copied from

What is it?

Dynamic Routes is a FreePBX module. [FreePBX] is a GUI which allows administrators to configure the Asterisk communications platform without writing Asterisk dial plan code or configuration files. Dynamic Routes adds to the FreePBX functionality, by configuration of call routing based on the result of a lookup.

Originally Dynamic Routes allowed lookups only to a MySQL database. In the latest version there are many more lookup methods. However the principle is still the same: to allow data dependent call routing.

What could I use it for?

The potential uses are many. Here are some examples:

  • screen calls to a support hotline according to agreed support methods and service levels
  • route calls to a dedicated agent or queue by customer category or importance
  • play different announcements to different callers

basically anything where you want the call to go to a different destination depending on some known data (like the Caller id) or data input by the customer using DTMF keypad (like contract id)

Dynamic Routes Example configuration

Dynamic Routes Reference documentation

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