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This Module only works on CentOS Systems.

What is the Digium Addons Module used for?

This module allows you to add licensed features from Digium

How is the Digium Addons Module related to the other Modules?

This module is used to add licences features from digium. This affects any module that may use these features such as g.729 in SIP or the DPMA module

How Do I Get to the Digium Addons Module?

  • Log in to the PBX UI.
  • On the top menu click Admin
  • In the drop down click Digium Addons


See the User Guide

Please make sure you have installed at least of the Digium Addons Module through Module Admin Module


To be able to run this module you must have installed the RPM php-digium_register-3.0.5-1_centos6.i686.rpm

With a FreePBX Distro, PBXact, or Sangoma PBX system, simply run this command from the ssh CLI:

yum install -y php-digium_register
service httpd restart


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