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The Hot Desking (Login and Logout) Application lets you log a user out of a phone and pick a new user to log in to the device. Anytime you log out or log in, the End Point Manager extension mapping will be updated with the new information.

Logging Out a User

Logout Alert

Hot Desking login/logout feature will remain disabled for Sangoma D & P series phones whose mac address have not been added in Hot Desk Emergency CIDs. It is required to add all Sangoma D & P series phones mac addresses to EPM Hot Desk Emergency CIDs to enable the Hot Desking login/logout feature.

For more info please refer:- EPM Hot Desk Emergency CIDs

  • On an actively provisioned phone, press the Logout application button on the device.

  • Press the Yes button on the device

  • Device will restart and come up in an un-provisioned state

Logging In a User

  • On an un-provisioned device, press the Login application button on the device.

  • You will be prompted for your User ID (extension number) and Password. The password by default is your voicemail PIN. If you do not have a voicemail box set up on your account, you would use the "User Password" as defined in the End Point Manger Global Settings. You can also optionally use the Admin password as defined in the End Point Manger Global Settings to log in any phone without knowing the voicemail password.

  • Press the Submit button, the device will restart and then come back up in a provisioned state.

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