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What is DISA?

DISA stands for Direct Inward System Access. DISA allows outside callers to call into the PBX and obtain an internal dialtone. The user can then dial out from the PBX as if the call were coming from an internal extension.

For example, DISA could be used by staff outside the office to take advantage of lower long-distance rates provided by the PBX trunk lines, or to reduce cell phone minutes by using a call-a-number-free cell phone plan provision. Traveling employees could use any phone to call the DISA and then call a client. The client would see the call coming from the office, even though the employee may be using a cell phone.

What is the DISA Module used for?

The DISA Module is used to create a destination to which you can send calls.  Calls sent to a DISA destination will receive a dial tone and they can dial a phone number, and the call will go out through the PBX.

For example, you could create a DISA and set the DISA as a destination in an IVR, so that when a caller presses 1, he will hear a dial tone and can dial a telephone call.

Another option is to assign a dedicated number to go directly to a DISA destination.

Security Warnings with DISA

Be sure to configure security access controls for a DISA destination, at it opens the PBX up to outside callers.

Options for securing a DISA:

  • Define PIN security codes for the DISA as a whole, or for each user (the later is better)
  • If the DISA is reached through an inbound route, define incoming caller ID filters on the inbound route (see Inbound Routes Module). This is weaker security option as caller ID numbers can be faked.

How is the DISA Module related to the other Modules?

Because the DISA Module creates a destination to which you can route calls, the DISA Module is related to the any module that can route calls to a destination, including the Inbound Routes Module, the IVR Module, the Time Conditions Module, etc. 

How Do I Get to the DISA Module?

  • From the top menu click Applications
  • In the Drop Down click DISA

How do I use the DISA Module?

See the User Guide for configuration.


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