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This module is able to display an image from any devices like a door phone, in a Sangoma Phone or compatible  instead of Avatar.

Contact Image is a commercial module, so you can buy it from our portal.


Once this modules installed, you will see another TAB within Extension module like this:

(Here 106 being door phone)

Replace Contact image with remote imageYes or No : If enabled (yes) , the image sent to the endpoint will be replaced with the image provided by this url
Protocol for URLHTTP or HTTPS :
Select if your device use HTTP or HTTPS portocol to read an image.
Relative Image URLEnter a relative image URL like this: /image.php or /image.jpg. This will be appended to the endpoint's ip address
AuthenticationIf you must use authentication to obtain images.
Username & PasswordEnter user and password for auth.


When the door phone is calling your extension, you will see the screen capture from door phone like this.

Tested Devices

This test has been realized with an Alcatel IP80 door phone.

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