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When purchasing a 25 year license for a Commercial Module you are entitled to use the module for 25 years. However, your original purchase only includes support and upgrades for the first year.

After the first year, the module will continue to work. You will not lose any functionality. However, new features, and support will no longer be available after that point.

To continue receiving free updates and support, you can continue your maintenance agreement by purchasing additional module renewals (in 1 year increments) from the store, or through the PBX Module Admin GUI.

However, there are currently two exceptions to this:

  • Sysadmin Basic and Pro
    Sysadmin will always receive upgrades, for the life of the (25 year) license.
  • End Point Manager
    Phone firmware is not considered part of EPM, and is retrieved from a remote server on demand. As new firmware is released, and updated, it will become available in EPM.
    Please note, however, that if a specific firmware requires a newer version of EPM, and you are no longer eligible for updates to EPM, you may need to purchase a renewal.

How to Renew

How to Renew FreePBX Commercial Modules Maintenance

Terms of Service

Full ToS related to Commercial Modules can be found here.  




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