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The Call History section allows you to see all inbound and outbound calls for your user and listen to any call recordings that are associated with that call.



  • In our example we can see my user is setup to to view numerous extensions as defined in the User Management module.  When clicking on Call History I pick which extension I want to view calls for.

  • Once we pick a extension we can now see our recent call history.
  • For each Call record we have the following

    • Date- Date and Time call was received or placed.
    • Description-For each call we have the following icons under the Description
      Outbound Call
      Inbound Call
      Call went to Voicemail
      Call to Conference Room
    • Duration- Length of call in Hours- Minutes-Seconds
    • Controls- If the call has a Call Recording associated with it you will get a play and download icon for the Call Recording.
  • You can search for any call by using the Search bar at the top and putting in the number of the person you called or who called you and pressing GO





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