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Caller ID Superfecta



CallerID Superfecta is a utility program that adds incoming CallerID name lookups to your Asterisk system using multiple data sources.

Logging In

  • Log into the PBX GUI
  • In the top menu go to Admin
  • In the drop-down menu go to CID Superfecta

Add Scheme

Click the Add Scheme button.

Fill out the form as described below.

New Scheme Name

A name for this scheme to help you identify it.

DID Rules 

Define the expected DID number if your trunk passes DID on incoming calls. Leave this blank to match calls with any or no DID info.

This rule tries both absolute and pattern matching (e.g. "_2[345]X" to match a range of numbers). (The "_" underscore is optional.)

CID Rules

Incoming calls with CID matching the patterns specified here will use this CID Scheme. If this is left blank, this scheme will be used for any CID. It can be used to add or remove prefixes.
Many sources require a specific number of digits in the phone number. It is recommended that you use the patterns to remove excess country code data from incoming CID to increase the effectiveness of this module.
Note that a pattern without a + or | (to add or remove a prefix) will not make any changes but will create a match. Only the first matched pattern will be executed and the remaining rules will not be acted on.

X matches any digit from 0-9
Z matches any digit from 1-9
N matches any digit from 2-9
[1237-9] matches any digit or letter in the brackets (in this example, 1,2,3,7,8,9)
. wildcard, matches one or more characters (not allowed before a | or +)
| removes a dialing prefix from the number (for example, 613|NXXXXXX would match when some one dialed "6135551234" but would only pass "5551234" to the Superfecta look up.)
+ adds a dialing prefix to the number (for example, 1613+NXXXXXX would match when someone dialed "5551234" and would pass "16135551234" to the Superfecta look up.)

You can also use both + and |, for example: 01+0|1ZXXXXXXXXX would match "016065551234" and dial it as "0116065551234" Note that the order does not matter, eg. 0|01+1ZXXXXXXXXX does the same thing.

Lookup Timeout

Specify a timeout in seconds for each source. If the source fails to return a result within the allotted time, the script will move on.

Superfecta Processor

These are the types of Superfecta Processors:

  • MULTI: Multifecta, runs all sources at the same time

  • SINGLE: Runs all sources in specified order, like old superfecta

Multifecta Timeout

Specify a timeout in seconds defining how long multifecta will obey the source priority. After this timeout, the first source to respond with a CNAM will be taken, until "Lookup Timeout" is reached.

CID Prefix URL

If you wish to prefix information on the caller id you can specify a url here where that prefix can be retrieved. The data will not be parsed in any way, and will be truncated to the first 10 characters.

Example URL:[thenumber] Note: [thenumber] will be replaced with the full 10-digit phone number when the URL is called.


This text will be prepended to Caller ID information to help you identify calls as SPAM calls.

SPAM Text Substituted

Yes/No: When yes, the text entered in SPAM Text (above) will replace the CID completely rather than pre-pending the CID value.

Enable SPAM Interception

Yes/No: When yes, spam calls can be diverted or terminated.


Click the Submit button, then click the Apply Config button.

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