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Call Reports is designed to be the raw data of all call activity on your phone system. It can be a very challenging module to work with because it’s not in a very user-friendly format and there is so
much raw Call Detail Records (CDR). It is really meant as a way to export the data so you can build your own custom reports around the raw data.

Logging in

  • From the top menu click Reports
  • From the drop down click CDR Reports

Viewing Data

From the landing page you can run reports against your CDR database and filter on the following:

  • Call Date
  • CallerID Number
  • CallerID Name
  • Outbound CallerID Number
  • DID
  • Destination
  • Destination CallerID Name
  • Userfield
  • Account Code
  • Duration
  • Disposition


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  1. since updating to freepbx 13 you can no longer drill down for more information on individual calls


  2. If true, is that by design?  Or is there now another way to get that information.

    I use it all the time to troubleshoot.