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The Bria Stretto™ module allows you to pair your PBX with the CounterPath's Bria Stretto™ service as outlined here.


Turn Your Device Into a Unified Communications Portal
CounterPath’s Bria Cloud Solutions combines Bria Stretto™ softphone clients for mobiles, tablets and desktops with CounterPath's Stretto Platform™ hosted Provisioning Module. Stretto is a gateway, messaging, presence and provisioning platform that enables flexible solutions for your softphone deployment.
Capitalize on the integration between Bria & FreePBX to easily and efficiently deploy a cost effective system for procuring, distributing, provisioning and managing softphone clients. For a few dollars a month, you can give employees and remote workers the benefits of an easy-to-use communication solution-all centrally managed by the IT team.
Bria Cloud Solutions is available on desktop, mobile and tablet. Use these feature rich clients to turn your workspace into a dynamic, collaborative environment.
Note: In-order to successfully configure Bria Cloud Solutions, you must have access to your domain and domain admin email address.