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The Blacklist module allows you to have a list of numbers that will be blacklisted by the PBX. If a caller calls from one of those phone numbers, they will be sent to a destination you choose. If you do not choose a destination, they will hear the message "The number you have dialed is not in service. Please check the number and try again."

Logging in

  • On the top menu click Admin
  • In the drop-down click Blacklist

Blacklisting a Number

Make sure Blacklist is the active tab. Click the Blacklist Number button. A window will pop up where you can enter a number and description.

To blacklist a number, simply provide the following information:


Define the 10-digit number that you want to blacklist.


Here we give this entry a name such as “Ex Stalker Employee John.”

Save Changes

Once complete click the Save Changes button. You'll receive confirmation that the number was added. Then, you can click the Close button.

Removing a Number from the Blacklist

In the Blacklist tab, check the checkboxes for the entries you wish to delete.

Click the Delete Selected button to delete the selected entries. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

Alternatively, you can click the trash icon  for an individual entry to delete it. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

Viewing Statistics

Click the statistics button to view a list of inbound calls from the blacklisted Caller ID. Note these are not necessarily all "blocked" calls, since the list will include any calls received prior to when you blacklisted the number.

Importing or Exporting a Blacklist in CSV File Format

Click the Import/Export tab.

The required CSV format is shown.

To import a CSV file, click the Import from CSV button, select a file from your computer, and click the Upload button.

To export a CSV file, click the Export to CSV button.

Blocking Unknown Caller ID Calls

You can also optionally decide to block all calls that come to your system with a blocked Caller ID. To do this:

Click on the Settings tab within the Blacklist module.

Click the Yes button next to “Block Unknown/Blocked Caller ID.

Choose a destination. If you do not choose a destination, callers will hear the "not in service" message.

Click the Submit button.

How to Use Feature Codes to Block Numbers

You can also blacklist any number using feature codes. If you log into the Feature Codes module (Admin → Feature Codes), you will see the actual feature codes defined for Blacklist.

The default settings are shown below:

  • Dialing *30 will prompt you to enter the phone number to blacklist.
  • Dialing *32 will blacklist the last number that dialed your phone based on the Caller ID of the number that called you.
  • Dialing *31 will prompt you to enter a phone number to be removed from the blacklist.


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