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This information applies to versions 14 and lower

What is the Backup and Restore Module used for?

It is critical that you have a backup procedure in place. We offer a support package that includes automated offsite backups. This module is used to backup your PBX phone system settings and configurations. If you have a support contract that includes offsite backups, the backup will be defined here. Please do not remove or edit the backup marked "Schmooze POMPs", or your backups will no longer be sent to us for offsite storage.

Backing up your PBX is a crucial step in the setup process. You have several ways to automate this process, or you can do an "on the fly" backup as needed. If you are wish to create a Warm Standby with 2 PBX systems, please see our Warm Spare Setup wiki.

How is the  Backup and Restore Module related to the other Modules?

This module will backup databases, stored settings, and specified files and directories. Note: your backup server and restore server should be on the same version. 

How Do I Get to the Backup and Restore Module?

  • Log in to the PBX UI.
  • On the top menu click Admin
  • In the drop down click Backup and Restore


See the User Guide

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