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When MFA is enabled for a user and MFA type is Call,

  • After login, call will be made to the user's phone number / extension. User has to answer the call and press # verify their authentication

  • The user can request the call again every 60 seconds and gets 3 login attempts. If the user exceeds maximum attempts they can refresh the browser and try again

    Trust Device Checkbox

    When the user selects the "Trust this device for 7 days" checkbox, after validating OTP user will not be prompted to verify their identity via call for the next 7 days

    Recovery Codes

    If user can't get codes by text, call, or Google Authenticator, they can use backup codes to sign in to PBX. Once the user uses a backup code to sign in, that code becomes inactive. Userman users can generate/ regenerate / delete / download backup codes from UCP Settings.

Demo Videos

When the user successfully verifies authentication by receiving the call from PBX and entering the # key

When the user does not answers the call

When the user enters incorrect keys after receiving the call from PBX

When the user does not enter any keys after receiving the call

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