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The Asterisk REST Interface User module is used to create users for the Asterisk Rest Interface. 

  • This module requires an Asterisk version greater than 12.
  • This module must be enabled under Advanced Settings

Logging In

  • Log in to the FreePBX UI.
  • On the top menu click Settings
  • In the drop down click Asterisk REST Interface User

First Run

The module may be disabled under advanced settings.

  • On the top menu click Settings
  • In the drop down click Advanced Settings

Enable the Asterisk REST Interface

Whether or not the Asterisk REST interface should be enabled.

Pretty Print JSON Responses

Should the JSON responses be made "Pretty"

Adding User

REST Interface User Name

User name for REST API calls

REST Interface User Password

Password for REST API calls

Password Type


Store the password Crypt(3) encrypted

Plain Text

Store the password in Plain Text

Read Only

Should this user be able to read only or should they have write access.




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