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Introduction and Overview

The Asterisk Phonebook module allows you to create system-wide speed dial numbers that can be dialed from any phone.

Using speed dial codes requires entering the feature code for speed dial, which is *0 by default. For example, if the speed dial code is 100, then you would dial *0100 to use it.

*See the Feature Codes module for information about changing feature codes.


This module does NOT manage the company directory

Logging In

  • If you have not already done so use log in to the PBX UI.
  • On the top menu click Admin
  • In the drop down click Asterisk Phonebook

Below is the landing page with no phone book entries:

Creating a Phonebook Entry

Click Add Phonebook Entry.


Enter a personal or business name.


Enter the number to be dialed. For caller ID to work, it should match the caller ID received from the network.

This is what you would dial if you were to pick up a phone and dial the number.

Speed dial code

Optional: Enter a speed dial code. The Speed Dial module must be enabled to use these codes.

This is the number that replaces the number above. So instead of dialing 16025551212, you can simply dial 1001.

Set Speed Dial

Select "Yes" if you want a speed dial code to be automatically created. If you entered a speed dial code above, selecting Yes will have no effect.

Save your changes

Once you have entered the information, click the "Submit Changes Button."

Once you save your entry, it will appear at the top of the page as shown below.

Export as CSV

The Export Phonebook button allows you to export the entries as a CSV file.

Editing a Phonebook

You can edit and delete individual entries, or delete all entries.

Edit entry: Click the pencil icon

Delete entry: Click the trash icon 

Delete ALL entries: Click the Empty Phonebook button 


"Empty Phonebook" Cannot be undone. If you have not saved a copy of the entries then your work is gone. You may wish to export in CSV prior to any changes.


Import from CSV

Click the Import Phonebook button to select a CSV file. A list of phonebook entries can be imported as a CSV file when the following format is used:

"Tango D. Frog";6025551212;82646 with one entry per line.


Note the “Name” is in quotes and the the semicolon( ; ) is used as a field separator. You may also add a few entries and "Export in CSV" to see a working example.


Click "Chose File" and select a previous export or a properly formatted CSV


Click the "Upload button" then "Apply Changes" at the top. Your entries should appear at the top of the page


The module uses the number as the key and may overwrite entries with the same number.