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What is the Announcements Module used for?

The Announcements Module is used to create a destination that will play an informational message to a caller.  After the message is played, the call will proceed to another destination.

For example, you might create an Announcement that plays the address, fax number, and the web-site of your business.  A caller could reach that message by pressing the number 2 from the company's main menu.  After hearing the message, the call might be routed back to the company's main menu and allowed to make another selection.

How is the Announcements Module related to the other Modules?

The Announcements Module is related to any Module that has a field to set a destination for a call to be routed.  There are a number of PBX Modules that are used to route calls to a destination.  For example, the IVR Module Module permits you to set up a menu system where a caller can use his touchtone telephone to select from various options.  If you configure an Announcement on the Announcements Module, that Announcement will appear as one of the possible destinations in the IVR Module.  The Announcement will also appear as a potential destination in any Module that supports destinations, including the Inbound Routes Module Module, the Ring Groups Module Module, the Queues Module Module, the Call Flow Control Module Module, the Time Conditions Module Module, and the Misc Applications Module Module.

The  Announcements Module is also related to the System Recordings Module Module.  The System Recordings Module allows you to use your phones to make audio recordings that can be selected for playback in the Announcements Module. 

How Do I Get to the Announcements Module?

  • On the top menu click Applications
  • In the drop down click Announcements 

How Do I Create a New Announcement?


Using the announcements Module

See the User Guide


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