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  • At anytime you can view your current statement of any invoices due to Sangoma and download a PDF version of the statement.
  • In the top right menu bar click on My Statements

  • By default you will see all invoices due and any credit notes or payments not applied to any invoices as of todays date.

  • You can optionally change the date to view what the statement was for a date in the past by selecting the Statement Date and pressing Apply Filters

  • You can also download the Statement as PDF for saving and printing by pressing the Download PDF button

  • If you would like to include a PDF copy of each invoice you can check the box that says Include Attached Invoices and a PDF copy of each invoice will be including in the PDF download of the Statement.

  • At the bottom of the statement are 3 totals
    • Total - Is the Total due of all unpaid invoices
    • Credit Limit - Is the Credit Limit amount that you have been approved and setup with in Sangoma.
    • Credit Available - Is the Credit Limit amount minus the Total due and also minus any open orders that have not invoices yet.  You can see a list of open orders by following this wiki Sales-Open Order Report By Item

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