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In the Products tab you will find all hardware and systems purchased from Sangoma within the list of sub tabs below

  • PBX - List of all PBXact UC, PBXact UCC and FreePBX system purchased from Sangoma or any FreePBX systems that a customer installed on their own hardware and registered with our license server for Support and Commercial Modules
  • SBC - List of all SBCs both pyhsical hardware SBC and software purchased
  • High Density Gateways - List of all Sangoma SS7 and Dialogic IMG Gateways purchased
  • Enterprise Gateways - List of all Vega and Dialogic DMG Gateways purchased
  • Transcoding Cards - List of all Sangoma transcoding cards purchased
  • PSTN Cards - List of all Sangoma and Dialogic T1, Analog and BRI PCI and PCI Express cards purchased
  • Data Cards - List of any Sangoma Data specific cards purchased
  • Sangoma Phones - List and place to Register Sangoma Phones and setup Redirect Server
  • Product Claims - List of any Deployments above that have been request to be co-owned by another customer.  Used mostly for Distrbutors who purchase the product form us and resell to a customer.  A customer can request co ownership of any product so they can receive support on the product and will be listed here and approved or denied here.  
  • SIPStation - Redirects and logs you into the SIPStation store and account management
  • Cloud PBX - Redirects and logs you into the Cloud PBX store and account management

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