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Only Certified Sangoma Partners will see this option in the portal.

We highly encourage our Sangoma Partners to purchase Sangoma products from a Sangoma Platinum Partner (Distributor). Platinum Partners stock and support all Sangoma products and can offer payment terms, same-day shipping, and advanced RMA services, among other benefits.

As a Certified Partner with special pricing, you can enable your Sangoma Portal account to be known to one or more Platinum Partners. This way, the Platinum Partner will know what special discount pricing you are receiving and will honor those pricing discounts. The only information your selected Platinum Partner(s) can see on your account is the account name, email address, phone number, and price level. No other information is shared with the Platinum Partners.


  1. Log into the Sangoma Portal at

  2. Navigate to the Customers tab and select List All

  3.  Click the Edit  button next to your company name

  4. Click on the Distributors tab at the top

  5. In the search field, enter the name of a Platinum Partner you want to search. You will only see in the list Platinum Partners that are located in the same country we have on file for you in the portal for Shipping or Billing Addresses.  From here you can select one or more Platinum Partners. Check the Allow box for each Platinum Partner you would like to share your information and price level with.

  6. A email will be sent to the Platinum Partner informing them you have recently picked them and encourage them to contact you.


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