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A customer is a single business unit in our Portal. The customer is usually a business, and they will have users and deployments assigned to them. The customer information contains contact information and billing information. To manage or update this information, please review the instructions below.

A user is a person who can log into the Portal. You can create as many users as you would like.

A Product is a single Sangoma Product such as a PBX, SBCs and Gateways. When purchasing items for a existing product such as support and add ons or opening a support ticket, you will choose which deployment the purchase or support ticket is for. Each deployment has a unique Deployment ID number.

Managing Customer Information

  1. Go to the Sangoma Portal at and log in.
  2. In the navigation menu near the top, select Customers → List All.

  3. You should now see a list of all customers, including yourself, and any customers that are below you as sub-accounts.  

  4. Click on the binoculars icon  next to the customer to view all the information that we have on file about the customer.

  5. In our example, we can see the contact information, billing address, and shipping address. It is advised to populate the Billing and Shipping address to save time from having to enter this information when making a purchase from the store.  We can see at the top who the Reseller "Owner" of this customer is. If this was a sub-customer of yours, you would show up as their Reseller Owner. We can also see at a glance the amount of support credits that are left. Clicking on the Support Credit value will bring up a complete transaction log of all support credits that have been purchased or billing entires from the ticketing system as deductions.

Editing Customer Information

  1. Click the pencil icon  to edit all the information about your company that we have on file. The screen should look the same as the "view" screen, but it will let you edit the information that you have access to. 

  2. You cannot change the reseller owner of an account, customer type, payment terms, or support credit balance.

Managing Stored Credit Cards

Click the card tab when viewing or editing a customer at the top of the page to manage any stored credit cards you have with us. For a complete guide on this, please visit the wiki How to Manage Stored Credit Cards.

Adding Sub Account Customers

The portal allows you to create customers under your account and manage the customer's information, deployment information, and users. You can also open support tickets on behalf of your sub customers. For a complete guide on creating sub account customers, visit the wiki How to Create Sub Account Customers.


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