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  • When purchasing a Sangoma Support contract there are 2 parts that make up a support contract as outlined here Support Department Overview and Policies
    • Technical Support Services
      • Post Installation Technical Support is used to assist customers in the operation of Sangoma products after installation.  Support provides resolution to customers for the following types of issues: “Error” resolution, unexpected performance, unreliable communications and other requests for assistance.  The Technical Support services goals are to provide support assistance for in-service production environments.  Technical Support is defined as a bug in the software where a feature or service does not work as documented in the Sangoma Wiki for Commercial Products.
    • Professional Services
      • Technical Support Services are for “Error” or “Bug” resolution, while Professional Services is when the Sangoma Customer Service Engineer (CSE) must configure the Sangoma Product for installation, implementation or configuration.  Support Credits are used when Professional Services is engaged as outlined below. The Sangoma CSE will meter the time spent to configure the unit for correct operation, and deduct the time from the balance within the customer account.  In some cases, a customer will perceive the problem to be a “Error” or “Bug”, but if the Sangoma CSE resolves the problem through standard configuration, then Support Credits will be used.  If the problem results in an escalation to R&D resulting in a Patch or software update, then Support Credits will be refunded.   Most Support Contracts include a element of Support Credits such as (30, 60 or 120 Credits) and each credit is worth 1 minute of normal support.

  • When purchasing a support contract the physical contract itself is bound to the Serial Number or Deployment ID of the product the support contract is purchased for.  Any Partner or Customer who either owns the product in the Sangoma Portal or is listed as a Co-Owner as outlined here, can receive Technical Support Services on the product as outlined above but the Professional Services portion of the Support Contract known as Support Credits belongs to a single Organization that they can use for any products under their Organization that has a valid Support Contract.

  • If the Support Contract includes Support Credits (usually 30, 60 or 120 minutes worth in a given 12 month period) that can be used for the Professional Services portion of the Support Contract on checkout you can decide where those Support Credits belong.  
    • By default the Support Credits get added to the Customer that has placed the order with Sangoma and who the Invoice is generated for.  
    • On checkout you can choose instead to have a Support Credit Card created that any other customer from the Sangoma Portal can use to receive the Support Credits into their account.
    • You need to pick one or the other on checkout and if you are unsure we recommend you pick the Support Credit Card as you can always claim that onto your account later but if you choose to have the Support Credits added to your account on checkout and not create a Support Credit Card you will not be able to give or assign those Support Credits to a different customer as they are forever locked onto your account until they expire.

  • You can review the wiki here on how to purchase support contracts which on checkout, includes the 2 options described above.  How to Purchase Support Contracts
  • You can review the wiki here on how to make a Support Credit Card claim to receive the Support Credits.  How to Claim Support Credits Card
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