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  • Report exposed to Sangoma Certified Resellers and Customers.
  • This will show all payments you have made to Sangoma and what invoice the payment was applied to.

  • Go to the Reports Section of the Sangoma Portal and click on List.

  • Locate the Accounting-Payment Applied and click on the View icon

  • Pick a date range you want to see payments for

  • Define if you want that date range to be based on the invoice date or the payment date

  • You will now see all the payments and what invoice they were applied to and the date and amount of the payment.
    • You will see a Payment ID on the far left side.  A single payment creates a unique payment ID and that payment can be applied against 1 or more invoices so in this example here we can see a Payment ID of 880516 was applied across numerous invoices.
    • You can click on the Payment ID or Invoice ID to view a copy of the Order or Invoice.

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