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FreePBX Version 14.0 Supports Asterisk 11 as minimum.

If you want to use FreePBX commercial modules, you must install FreePBX on SNG7, using the FreePBX Distro ISO.  FreePBX itself is open source, and can be installed on any modern Unix-based distribution that supports PHP 5.6 or higher. 

Supported/Tested *nix Distributions 
DistributionDate Last TestedCertifiedTestedCommercial Module SupportNotes
CentOS 7

NoYesNoNo commercial module support
Debian 8.8


No100% Open Source installation
Ubuntu 18.04
No100% Open Source installation

To reduce download and install time, please be aware that of these instructions give you a minimal install. This is enough to provide for basic PABX functionality, but you should go to Module Admin, and select 'Check Online' to download the additional modules after installation. There are approximately 50 additional modules that can be installed.


  1. I would like to request permission to enter the installation page for CentOS 7 with Commercial Modules. It is locked by Andrew Nagy. Please allow permission so people can install a production PBX in a VPS. I have requested permission repeatedly but to no avail. Please advise.

    1. Unfortunately, we've had to remove that page, as there have been potential legal issues raised.  If you want to use Commercial Modules, you will have to install FreePBX Distro (SNG7).  If you just want to use the FreePBX Open Source project, you can follow any of the other guides. Sorry!

  2. If you get modules sign errors on Debian 9 or Ubuntu 16+:

    • apt-get install libgpgme11-dev gpg dirmngr
      i figured out that freepbx uses gpg and gpg reports dirmngr is missing during verify
    • delete module.sig files
    • fwconsole ma refreshsignatures.

  3. Is there any reason comments were disabled in the install pages? 

    Relinking this here incase someone wishes to use it. It is simply an 'automated' version of the CentOS 7 install guide, placed into an Ansible playbook.

    If there is any Demand I can also put together an Ubuntu 16 version.

    1. They were disabled because this is a wiki, not the forums. People were getting support on the wiki when they should be going to the forums.