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FreePBX Version 13.0 Supports Asterisk 11 as minimum,  and PJSip in Asterisk versions 12 and 13.

Supported/Tested *nix Distributions 
DistributionDate Last TestedCertifiedTestedCommercial Module SupportNotes
CentOS 62016-02-08NoYesYes (Install)The "recommended" distribution for FreePBX
CentOS 7 NoYesNoThe "recommended" distribution for FreePBX
Debian 8.12015-07-31NoYesNoComplete runthrough done using 'netinst' ISO
Ubuntu 14.042015-07-31NoYesNoRun successfully completed several times


To reduce download and install time, please be aware that of these instructions give you a minimal install. This is enough to provide for basic PABX functionality, but you should go to Module Admin, and select 'Check Online' to download the additional modules after installation. There are approximately 50 additional modules that can be installed.