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To improve the process of module creation the FreePBX team has built a generator that provides a basic module skeleton to start from.

If this is a FreePBX development environment the module will be loaded into the development directory, usually /usr/src/freepbx

If this is a standard installation the module will be loaded into the standard module directory, usually /var/www/html/admin/modules

Luis Anghelo Abarca Villacis
Alberto Javier Santos Flores
J.P. Romero
James Finstrom
Andrew Nagy


For those curious, the repository is located here:

cd /usr/src
wget -O freepbxgenerator.phar
chmod +x freepbxgenerator.phar

This will download the module builder phar and make it executable


Run the command


Answer the questions

Do you want to create a FreePBX or a UCP 14+ module? [Both]
  [0] FreePBX
  [1] UCP 14+
  [2] Both
 > 2
What is your module's name (no spaces)? [helloworld] ariblacklist
What is your module's version? [14.0.1] 15.0.1
What is your module's description? [Generated Module] Blacklist calls with ARI
What is the license for this module? [AGPLv3]
  [0] GPLv2
  [1] GPLv3
  [2] AGPLv3
  [3] MIT
 > 2
What type of module is this? [Connectivity]
  [0] Admin
  [1] Applications
  [2] Connectivity
  [3] Reports
  [4] Settings
 > 1

Confirm your information

enerate a module with the following information?
Module type: FreePBX
Module rawname: ariblacklist
Module version: 15.0.1
Module description: Blacklist calls with ARI
Module type: Applications
Module License: AGPLv3
Type [yes|no]:yes

The module skeleton will be created

Generating Directories for your module
Generating File structure for your module
Generating module.xml
Generating BMO class
Generating module page and view
Generating UCP Module class
Generating UCP Module Global JS
Generating UCP Module Less file
Linking your module folder into the framework module folder
Module ariblacklist successfully installed

Updating Hooks...

Reloading FreePBX

Successfully reloaded

The module has been fully installed into freepbx and is ready for development

You can cd to the module in the above case ariblacklist and the following structure will be in place

[root@system ariblacklist]# tree
├── Ariblacklist.class.php
├── assets
│   ├── css
│   │   └── ariblacklist.css
│   └── js
│       └── ariblacklist.js
├── install.php
├── module.xml
├── page.ariblacklist.php
├── ucp
│   ├── Ariblacklist.class.php
│   ├── assets
│   │   ├── js
│   │   │   └── global.js
│   │   └── less
│   │       └── Ariblacklist.less
│   └── views
│       ├── ariblacklist.php
│       ├── user_settings.php
│       └── willy.php
├── uninstall.php
└── views
    ├── main.php
    └── ucp_config.php

What's Next?

After you've setup your module you're probably asking yourself, "Okay, what now?". The best next step would be starting with FreePBX Development to get a general overview of functions and methods from within FreePBX

Another great place to start is by looking over the FreePBX Internals wiki pages. These pages should help give you a brief overview of FreePBX and deep dive into specific functions and methods

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