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The "freepbx_menu.conf" file that is usually placed in /etc/asterisk gives you the ability to customize your FreePBX modules to an extra degree. It is an optional configuration file used to rearrange your menu navigation in the FreePBX GUI. To enable it, create a new file in /etc/asterisk and name it as freepbx_menu.conf then add the desired configuration. You must also enable the Advanced Setting "Use freepbx_menu.conf Configuration"

This file provides the following options:

  • Move menu items to different categories
  • Create new Categories
  • Rename the item/module
  • Remove menu items that you don't want displayed
  • Change the sort order of items

If you create a new category called "Favorites" it will be the first tab, all others are alphabetical.

The following examples provide you with a demonstration of how you might go about changing a setup:

  • Change the category for a module

  • Change the category and name for a module

    name=Find-Me Follow
  • Change the sort order and category of a module

  • Remove a module from showing up in the menu even though it is installed





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