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What this guide is

This Guide will walk you through the module creation process for FreePBX 2.10+.

If you would like to create a module outside of FreePBX that isn't a FreePBX module, but has access to all of the features and functions, then please take a look at Bootstrap.

We generally try to follow a loose MVC model of programming.

For a visual example of a working FreePBX module, please see our "Hello World" example on GitHub:

Directory Structure

Our module directory should be created in /<webroot>/admin/modules, and the structure will be as follows (click each for more information):


Additional files can be as such (and there is no limit to these):


Note: install.sql and uninstall.sql are depreciated and never worked quite right



less<modulename>.less (<modulename>.less is loaded first if it exists)



These files are linked on "apply config".

FreePBX 12.0 and Higher Additions

<modulename><modulename>.class.php (CamelCase)

For BMO development see: FreePBX Big Module Object (BMO)

FreePBX 13.0 and Higher

<modulename>Console<modulename.class.php (CamelCase)

For console development see: FWConsole Development