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An optional config file may be used to add or remove files from the freepbx chown process. If this file does not exist on your system you can add it manually.

Blacklist format

Single item

item = /path/to/item

Directory and all subitems

directory = /path/to/directory

Custom format

type = path,perms,owner,group


file: Single file

dir: Single Directory strip executable bit for files

rdir: Recursive directory

execdir: Set permission for directory without stripping execute bit.


item = /etc/asterisk/
directory = /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/
file = /etc/,0644,root,asterisk
dir = /etc/mydir,0755,root,asterisk
rdir = /tmp/foo/,755,root,asterisk
execdir = /bin/mydir,0755,root,asterisk


  1. Are there any way to skip the permission setting? As per my understanding permission should be one time job. After setting this permission fwconsole restart should not set permission every time. This is a time taking process to restart every time and it will set the permission to all related files.

  2. Seems unfortunate to call this a "Blacklist".  Blacklist already has another well defined meaning in Asterisk/FreePBX.

    My $0.02 only (GST/VAT included)