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Who is Digium?

Digium®, Inc., the Asterisk® Company, created and is the innovative force behind Asterisk, the most widely used open source communications software. Since its founding in 1999 by Mark Spencer, Digium has become the open source alternative to proprietary communication providers, with offerings that cost as much as 80 percent less.  Digium offers Asterisk software free to the open source community along with commercial solutions to power a broad family of products for small, medium and large businesses. The company's product line includes a wide range of telephony hardware and software to enable resellers and customers to implement turnkey VoIP systems or to design their own custom communications solutions. At Digium, we're changing the way businesses communicate.

What does Digium Provide?

Digium provides Asterisk along with products and services designed for Asterisk, and Asterisk-based phone systems like FreePBX, to enable custom communications solutions that are easy-to-use and cost-effective.
Digium products certified with FreePBX include: 

Purchasing Digium Products?

Digium offers several options for purchasing products. Choose the right option for your needs and skill level:
In North America you can purchase direct from Schmooze and directly support the development of FreePBX® and Asterisk® at the same time:
You can also buy direct from Digium. Buy Digium Direct
If you would like assistance from an Authorized Digium Partner in your area to help select, install, maintain, and train you on your Digium solution. Locate a Digium Reseller

All of the following Digium Hardware and Software has been certified with FreePBX/FreePBX Distro so you can feel confident purchasing and using this product with FreePBX. The following Digium Phones are supported in the FreePBX Commercial End Point Manager module for easy setup and configuration.  The following Digium Cards can be configured in the FreePBX DAHDI module for simple point and click setup from your FreePBX GUI.


Website Link
TDM4104 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5VLink
AEX4104 Port FXO/FXSPCI ExpressLink 
TDM8008 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5V


AEX8008 Port FXO/FXSPCI ExpressLink  
TDM240024 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5VLink
AEX240024 Port FXO/FXSPCI ExpressLink 
TE1211 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressLink
TE1221 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VLink  
TE1331 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressLink  
TE1341 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VLink  
TE207P2 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 5VLink
TE212P2 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3VLink  
TE2202 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressLink  
TE407P4 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 5VLink
TE412P4 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3VLink   
TE4204 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressLink   
TE8208 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressLink  
B410P4 Port BRIPCI 3.3/5VLink
HA88 Port FXO/FXS/BRIPCI 3.3/5VLink
HB88 Port FXO/FXS/BRIPCI Express



ModelTypeWebsite Link
D706 Line PhoneLink
D504 Line PhoneLink
D402 Line PhoneLink
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