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Allison Smith – The Voice of Asterisk – has also voiced platforms for Verizon, Qwest, Cingular, Vonage, and Bell Canada, as well as many individual enterprise clients such as PetSmart, 3M, Victoria Secret, and Pella, to name a few. From her sound studio in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Allison produces a wide range of audio products, including IVR prompts, On-Hold Messaging, Auto Dialers, Surveys, E-Learning Modules, Kiosk/Automated Voice-Overs, and TV and Radio commercials. The voice of Cepstral's; #1 Selling Text To Speech engine, Allison also voiced a database of 350,000 proper names (known as Allison on Demand), which was designed for medical/dental appointment reminders, but also has far-reaching uses including bill collection, polling, and judicial tracking. Allison Smith's customized voice prompt recording is available to all members of the Free PBX community, as a logical adjunct to the installation and implementation of the Free PBX products.


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