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Please note that this is only available in FreePBX 13 and higher.

The FreePBX Floating Right Nav was added in version 13.0.4, to allow for consistency throughout FreePBX. To get started adding a floating right nav you can follow the steps below:

  1. Add a getRightNavBar method to you module class

    public function getRightNav($request) {
    	$html = 'your custom html';
    	return $html;

You're done! An example below takes table data and removed pagination so that there is a constant flow of data (for extensions).

		<table data-url="ajax.php?module=core&amp;command=getExtensionGrid&amp;type=all" data-cache="false" data-toggle="table" data-search="true" class="table" id="table-all-side">
					<th data-sortable="true" data-field="extension"><?php echo _('Extension')?></th>
					<th data-sortable="true" data-field="name"><?php echo _('Name')?></th>

rnav.php is then feed to getRightNav

	public function getRightNav($request) {
		return load_view(__DIR__."/views/rnav.php",array());
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