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CVE ID: CVE-2019-19851


A XSS Injection vulnerability exists in FreePBX/PBXact 13, 14, and 15 within the  'Superfecta’ module.


Discovered By:

Pierre Jourdan


CVSS v3.1 Details:

  • CVSS Base Score:2.0

  • Impact Subscore:1.4

  • Exploitability Subscore:0.5

  • CVSS Temporal Score:1.8

  • CVSS Environmental Score:1.6

  • Modified Impact Subscore:0.7

  • Overall CVSS Score:1.6


Vulnerable software and versions:

The versions listed below (or less than)

  • <= superfecta v13.0.4.7

  • <= superfecta v14.0.24

  • <= superfecta v15.0.2.20

The following versions of fixes:

  • >= superfecta v13.0.4.8

  • >= superfecta v14.0.25

  • >= superfecta v15.0.2.21

Related Information

Official Bug ticket:

Further Details:

A XSS vulnerability exists on the CID Superfecta Debug/Test page in the 'Superfecta’ module.  Eg. /admin/config.php?display=superfecta. An attacker can inject code in debug page through several fields.

The Sangoma and FreePBX team has deemed this a major security issue. We strongly encourage all users of FreePBX versions 13, 14, and 15 to upgrade to the latest version of the Superfecta module. This can be done from the Module Admin GUI or fwconsole. For more information on using Module Admin, please see

Sangoma takes security seriously and requests that any future FreePBX security issue be reported at

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