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Below is a list of cards and their current state of support with the FreePBX Dahdi Configuration module.

Please note some of these manufacturers require patches and changes to DAHDI for the cards to work. 

Some cards and manufactureres have gone through a Certification process, which means their cards are tested in-house and put under a load to make sure they perform.  If a card is marked as "Certified," that means it is officially certified for use in FreePBX and the FreePBX Distro.  If a card is marked as "Tested," that means we have tested the card and that it configures, but no other testing or certification has been completed.

If you are a manufacturer and want to get support or certification of your DAHDi Hardware please contact us



CP100P1 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
CP100E1 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressNoYes 
CP200P2 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VNo


CP200E2 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressNoYes 
CP400P4 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
CP400E4 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressNoYes 
CB200P2 Port BRIPCI 3.3/5VNoNo 
CB200E2 Port BRIPCI ExpressNoNo 
CB400P4 Port BRIPCI 3.3/5VNoNo 
CB400E4 Port BRIPCI ExpressNoNo 



TDM4104 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5V


AEX4104 Port FXO/FXSPCI ExpressYesYes 
A4A4 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5V


A4B4 Port FXO/FXSPCI Express


TDM8008 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5VYesYes


AEX8008 Port FXO/FXSPCI ExpressYesYes 
A8A8 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5VYesYes


A8B8 Port FXO/FXSPCI ExpressYesYes


TDM240024 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5VYesYes 
AEX240024 Port FXO/FXSPCI ExpressYesYes 
TE1211 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressYesYes 
TE1221 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VYesYes 
TE1331 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressYes


TE1341 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VYesYes 
TE207P2 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 5VYesYes 
TE212P2 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3VYesYes 
TE2202 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressYesYes 
TE2352 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressYesYes 
TE407P4 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 5VYesYes 
TE412P4 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3VYesYes 
TE4204 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressYesYes 
TE8208 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressYesYes 
B410P4 Port BRIPCI 3.3/5VYesYes 
HA88 Port FXO/FXS/BRIPCI 3.3/5VYesYes 
HB88 Port FXO/FXS/BRIPCI ExpressYesYes




A400P4 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5VNo


A400E4 Port FXO/FXSPCI ExpressNoYes 
A800P8 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
A800E8 Port FXO/FXSPCI ExpressNoYes 
A(E)810P8 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
A(E)810E8 Port FXO/FXSPCI ExpressNoYes 
A1200P12 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
A(E)1610P16 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
A(E)1610E16 Port FXO/FXSPCI ExpressNoYes 
A(E)2410P24 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
A(E)2410E24 Port FXO/FXSPCI ExpressNoYes 
D110P1 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
D110E1 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressNoYes 
D130P1 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
D130E1 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressNoYes 
D210P2 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
D210E2 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressNoYes 
D230P2 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
D230E2 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressNoYes 
D410P4 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
D410E4 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressNoYes 
D430P4 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
D430E4 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressNoYes 
B100P1 Port BRIPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
B100E1 Port BRIPCI ExpressNoYes 
B(E)200P2 Port BRIPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
B(E)200E2 Port BRIPCI ExpressNoYes 
B(E)400P4 Port BRIPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
B(E)400E4 Port BRIPCI ExpressNoYes 
B800P8 Port BRIPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 


R4FXO4 Port FXOPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
R8FXX8 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
R8FXX-e8 Port FXO/FXSPCI ExpressNoYes 
R24FXO24 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
R1T11 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
R1T1-e1 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressNoYes 
R2T12 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
R4T14 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VNoYes 
R4T1-e4 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressNoYes 



A2004 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5VYesYes 
A200E4 Port FXO/FXSPCI ExpressYesYes 
A40012 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5VYesYes 
A400E12 Port FXO/FXSPCI ExpressYesYes 
B6004 Port FXO 1 Port FXSPCI 3.3/5VYesYes 
B600E4 Port FXO 1 Port FXSPCI ExpressYesYes 
A1011 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VYesYes


A101E1 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressYesYes 
A1022 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VYesYes


A102E2 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressYesYes 
A1044 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VYesYes


A104E4 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressYesYes 
A1088 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI 3.3/5VYesYes


A108E8 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressYesYes 
A116E16 Port T1/E1/PRIPCI ExpressYesYes 
B6011 Port T1/E1/PRI 4 Port FXO 1 Port FXSPCI 3.3/5VYesYes 
B601E1 Port T1/E1/PRI 4 Port FXO 1 Port FXSPCI ExpressYesYes 
A5004 Port BRIPCI 3.3/5VYesYes 
A500E4 Port BRIPCI ExpressYesYes 
B5004 Port BRIPCI 3.3/5VYesYes 
B500E4 Port BRIPCI ExpressYesYes 
B7002/4 Port BRI 2 Port FXO/FXSPCI 3.3/5VYesYes 
B700E2/4 Port BRI 2 Port FXO/FXSPCI ExpressYesYes 
E400E4 Port GSM CardPCI ExpressYesYes 
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  1. Should we mention (in a separate section) also that developers added to DAHDI Config Module (at least since the release of 2.10.11/2.11.11...see Ticket 6244) HFC-S "Cologne Chip Designs GmbH" based BRI PCI (ISDN) cards support?

    I'm running FreePBX Distro 3.211.63-10 with an HFC-S ISDN "Cologne Chip Design GmbH" based BRI PCI card (ISDN) and calls from/to PSTN performs, AFAIK, very well.

  2. We only list Cards here that are supported and tested by us and that the manufacture has a working relationship with us.

    1. There something not clear on your answer or, eventually, on above lists. It's one of the two.

      What the status "Certified = No" and/or the status "Tested = No" does really mean when it's reported on some of (so listed) supported cards on above lists?

      I didn't wrote that HFC-S ISDN "Cologne Chip Design GmbH" based cards were fully (in-house) tested (under any type of load you can simulate) nor that they were thus certified...I wrote only that DAHDI Config, at some point in the near past, was updated to support the recognition of that type of (no brand, not so uncommon) ISDN BRI PSTN Cards.

      1. Certified means they are certified by the manufacturer to work in FreePBX. Tested means Schmoozecom put them in a sever and verified they work correctly. In both instances Schmoozecom does the testing. That's the point.

        Glad to hear your card is working though!

        1. Very interesting but I think you missed the point of my latest comment: your  type of reply leave me quite free to argue that above lists weren't written really for "Supported" cards at all...especially if a Card enlisted was labelled with "Certified = No" and "Tested = No" (There are some).

          The focus here is the meaning of the word "Supported" on this Wiki's page and, at this point, a question rises naturally: why to limit above lists with those brand names (only) if some of those Cards are still currently not Certified nor Tested?

          If a supported Card (=Certified AND =Tested) and an unsupported one (=! Certified AND =! Tested) both appear equally as "Supported"...isn't better for you to change the Wiki page's title to a less confusing/less pretentious "Some supported cards" (Joke)?

          Words definitely count. That's the point. (wink)

  3. Supported means the DAHDI module is designed purposely to support the card.  We will only add support for a card if we are adding other cards for a manufacture but at times we may not get a copy of every card they have.  That does not mean the card is not supported.  But we will not add a card from a manufacture as supported in the WiKi that does not provide most of their cards to us for testing.  Hence why we decipher what is tested and what is certified.