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General changes

These changes reflect changes that are generic and may span across multiple modules.

  • Visual updates conforming to Bootstrap
  • Form buttons moved in to action bar and float on the page
  • Moved rnav (right side navigation) to bootnav (bootstrap styled navigation)

New functionality

These changes reflect new functionality within existing modules

  • Framework - CLI fwconsole, replaces amportal. fwconsole is a native PHP application, where as amportal was a bash/php hybrid
  • Framework - Whoops error handler replaces white screens
  • Framework - UTF8 support throughout FreePBX (New installs only). Older installs can upgrade to a UTF8 database manually
  • Framework - Intelligent 404 pages when modules are in upgrade mode or disabled
  • Framework - Localization throughout FreePBX including javascript files
  • Core - Quick create extension dialog for quickly creating extensions without having to load the entire extension page
  • Paging - Multicast paging
  • Backup - Backup wizard for quick backup creation
  • Time Conditions - Timezone support

Changed functionality

These changes reflect a change in behavior or functionality for modules.

  • Framework - Make fwconsole chown (was amportal chown) less generic and hookable.
  • Framework - Improve reload (apply changes) speed.  Benchmark 2500 extensions took 15 minutes now takes 4.
  • Sysadmin - Free features now require system registration and activation
  • System Recordings - Multi language support
  • System Recordings - In browser recording
  • System Recordings - HTML5 in browser playback
  • Call Recording Reports - HTML5 In browser playback
  • Music on Hold - HTML5 in browser playback
  • Find Me/Follow Me - Now resides inside of Extensions/Users when a new Extension or User is created
  • Fax - Setting up a fax account now resides inside of User Manager
  • Usermanager - LDAP sync support
  • Voicemail - No longer uses and, these files have been merged into voicemail.conf and the includes have been removed

New Modules

These are new modules released as part of this release.

  • Bulk handler - replaces bulk extensions and bulk dids adds support for contact manager and more modules in the future
  • Sound Language - Manage multiple language sound files.
  • CEL Reports module
  • VPN Configuration module (Beta)

Deprecated modules/functionality

These are modules that are no longer officially supported or developed. They will likely break in future releases. Please note deprecation does not prevent security related updates

  • Bulk extensions, replaced by bulk handler
  • Bulk DIDs, replaced by bulk handler
  • Camp on
  • Framework - deprecate amportal, replace with fwconsole

Developer level changes

These changes are meant for people developing FreePBX modules.



  • PEAR database functions, all database functions have been moved to use PDO.

New functionality

  • Bootstrap tables for interactive tables. 
  • Javascript fpbxToast allows toast messages to presented to the user
  • Ajax errors present Toast messages for better debuging
  • PHP Strict checking turned up  to force cleaner coding. This may cause whoops errors on things that use to work

List of Issues Fixed in 13.0

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