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The Sangoma Connect Mobile app can secure calls with TLS/SRTP. In the app, when secure calling is enabled, the lock icon indicates the call is encrypted. 


  • Sangoma Connect Module version 14.0.12/15.0.12 or later.
  • valid SSL certificate from a trusted authority must be installed on your PBX as documented in Certificate Management User Guide.
  • Phones must be set up to use secure calling as documented in TLS and SRTP.

If you enable (or disable) secure calls, the Sangoma Connect Mobile app must be reset, and the user must reconfigure. They can request an invitation email for themselves at any time (see Replacement Email Invitation). 

Sangoma Connect Mobile Setup

Navigate to FreePBX admin > SangomaConnect > Settings tab

  • Registration Address is where you define the fully qualified domain name for the PBX. This will be the FQDN used for the TLS certificate.
  • Default Transport - Sangoma Connect will use whatever transport that has been defined for the primary extension on the Advanced tab. In cases where the primary extension transport is set to 'Auto', Sangoma Connect will use the transport defined here.

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