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  1. Ordering Fax Trunks and FAXStation Devices

    types, including satellite and cellular networks. These trunks can be used to send faxes to most North American 10-digit accessible numbers and to receive faxes from anywhere. You can…
    SIPStation Trunkingyesterday at 9:38 AM
  2. Trunks Module

    What is the Trunks Module used for? The "Trunks Module" is used to connect your FreePBX/Asterisk system to another VOIP system or VOIP device so that you can send calls out…
    PBX GUISep 02, 2014
  3. Configuration of SIPStation Trunks

    called "SIPStation," which makes setting up your trunks a breeze. You can view this wiki on how to use the SIPStation module. Where can I get manual configuration instructions…
    SIPStation TrunkingMay 21, 2015
  4. Trunks Module - User Guide

    Overview The Trunks module is where you control connectivity to the PSTN and your VoIP provider(s). This is where you also control to interconnect other PBX’s for multi-site…
    PBX GUISep 12, 2014
  5. SIP TRUNKS - Provider Specific

    SIPStation Please note SIPStation should be managed through the SIPStation module SETTING DETAILS Trunk Name FreePBX1 PEER Details context=from-pstn type=peer insecure=very qualify=yes sendrpid=yes trustrpid=yes dtmfmode=rfc2833 username=xxxxxxxx secret=x…
    PBX GUISep 02, 2014
  6. Trunk Information

    require multiple simultaneous calls, then you will need multiple trunks. You do not need a trunk for every DID. The exceptions to this are as follows: Since Toll Free inbound calls…
    SIPStation TrunkingJul 10, 2015
  7. Removing Services or DIDs from your existing SIPSTATION account

    . Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 12.07.56 PM.png Removing Trunks/Call Paths from your SIPStation account Trunk removal is effective immediately. At your next billing cycle, you…
    SIPStation TrunkingAug 26, 2015
  8. Re: Connecting Two FreePBX/Asterisk Systems Together Over the Internet

    transfer=no is the equivalent of canreinvite=no for SIP trunks.…
    PBX GUINov 03, 2013
  9. Re: Connecting Two FreePBX/Asterisk Systems Together Over the Internet

    Why do we need to set this for trunks?…
    PBX GUINov 03, 2013
  10. SBC scenario overview

    Simplified approach to expansion of call capacity Reduce overheads with lowered call costs and simplified integration with SIP providers SBC for IP PBX to SIP Trunks sbc-ippbx-sip-trun…
    Netborder SBC'sSep 17, 2015