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  1. Configure Asterisk log file retention

    Default log retention times By default, FreePBX Distro is configured to keep a seven day history for most Asterisk log files. This is not necessarily long … error events. Configure log retention times Log file retention is set through the configuration file /etc/logrotate.d/asterisk. The following example increases
  2. Asterisk Log Files

    Log file location Asterisk log files are located in the directory /var/log/asterisk. There are a variety of different types of log files, generally one file … can be used to view these log files – see Asterisk Logfiles For more detailed log file analysis, the grep command line tool is helpful Another tool helpful
  3. Asterisk Managers Interface

    Module? Log in to the FreePBX UI. On the top menu click Settings In the drop down click Asterisk Managers Usage See the User Guide … What is the Asterisk Managers Module used for? This module is used to add AMI Users The Asterisk Manager API is the Application Program Interface
    PBX GUIDec 21, 2015
  4. XactView Log Briefing

    error.txt is the first log you should look at and generally the most important. This log has caught exceptions in it. coreevents.txt contains debug messages in model of server cummunication.txt has incoming and outgoing messages asteriskjavainternal external.log has caught events outside of asterisk java
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  5. Asterisk CLI Module

    asterisk indirectly How Do I Get to the Asterisk CLI Module? Log in to the PBX GUI. On the top menu click Admin. In the drop down click Asterisk CLI. Usage … What is the Asterisk CLI Module used for? The Asterisk CLI Module allows users to pass Asterisk CLI commands from the web interface and shows the resulting
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  6. FreePBX Distro Features above stock Asterisk

    ) software into Asterisk Daily log rotation of Asterisk Logs with a 7 day storage Add support for multi email … Commercial Lyra Answering Machine Detection (AMD) software into Asterisk Daily log rotation of Asterisk Logs
    PBX PlatformsAug 24, 2015
  7. Telephony Cards for Asterisk

    the following command in your Linux command line > asterisk Log into your Asterisk CLI and run some basic commands to verify your system is functioning properly. Type the following in your Linux command Line: > asterisk rvvvvvvvvvv (each 'v' adds verbosity to what you see when logged in to the CLI) Type the following
    Telephony CardsJan 25, 2016
  8. Change Logs

    Please see individual modules for their change logs. These change logs reflect the differences between major version releases.
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  9. Asterisk Phonebook Module

    dial base code may be modified through "Feature code Admin" How Do I Get to the Asterisk Phonebook Module? Log in to the PBX UI. On the top menu click Admin … What is the Asterisk Phonebook Module used for? The Asterisk Phonebook module allows you to create systemwide speed dial numbers that can be dialed from any
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  10. Getting Proper Logs

    of XactView so we can run the right quit command on it. ps aux grep Xact and look for a line like below asterisk 3403 2.4 3.2 417392 33336 ? Sl 12:30 0:06 /usr/java … logs/ netstat lanp service XactViewServer restart
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