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Overview of Metered Services

All Metered services such as Toll Free, International and Outbound T38 faxing are run as a "pre-paid" service implemented as follows. We will setup a "Reserve Account" with a default minimum balance of $5.00. As you make calls we will decrement this reserve account until it falls below the minimum balance. When that happens, we will automatically re-charge your card with a "top-off" amount that you also set with us.  

The default and minimum amount for "top-off" is $25.00. For example, you may set a minimum balance of $5 and a top-off amount of $50. When your account hits $5 or below we will charge another $50 bringing it up to about $55. If you account ever falls below $0 we will no longer be able to use any metered services so you should configure the minimum balance high enough to assure if there are ever credit card problems you give enough of a buffer to receive our notifications to you about charge failures and get them corrected before hitting a $0 balance.

How to enable enable and manage Top Up Settings

  • Click on the "My Account" option at the top of the page

  • Scroll down toward the bottom "Metered Services" section

  • Clicking on the "Update" button under the "Top Up Settings" option will let you change your amounts
    • Low Balance- When your reserve account hits this amount it will trigger a charge on your Credit Card for the Top Up Amount.
    • Top Up Amount- The amount to be charged to replenish your Reserver Account


  • All Top Up charges will show up on your statement at your next billing renewal date as payments on your account with a description of "ThresholdTopUps"

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