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The FreePBX Distro provides update scripts for every major release track.  Clicking on any track below will take you a list of upgrade scripts.  

The current supported tracks are:

End of Life unsupported tracks are:


The final upgrade script in a End of Life track will upgrade your system to the next track if a upgrade path to the newest stable track is available.  Click on your track to see what upgrade scripts are available and if it will take you to the next track.  



The FreePBX Distro Version Numbering System tells you at a glance what the core pieces of each track are.

In the example below, our codenamed “Call Forward” Release FreePBX Distro 4.211.64-10, let us recognize:

4.211.64-10 - The first number 4 represents the Major Track Number

4.211.64-10 - The second number 211 refers to FreePBX 2.11 GUI 

4.211.64-10 - The third number 64 refers to CentOS 6.4 operating system

4.211.64-10 - The final number 10 is used as the Minor Release Revision of this Major Track Number



To find out what version your FreePBX Distro is please execute this command from the Linux CLI.

Optionally you can open the System Admin Module in the GUI and view the version number there:

CentOS is a Trademark of Red Hat and we do not claim to have any relationship with either Red Hat or CentOS

Asterisk and AsteriskNOW are registered trademarks of Digium Inc.

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  1. I was asking myself what is the official name (if any...SHMZ OS or Schmooze Linux) and, once knowning that "label", if I could change the reference about CentOS...and you answered! thanks Tony.

  2. How do you know what are long term version and what are not? 

    1. You should ask about that opening a new thread on the Community Forum. May I wrong but I don't believe there is a LTS (Long Time Support) Track version concept of FreePBX Distro to which all the various bugfixes and new feature addition will be backported; either the case there are concurrently at least two FreePBX Distro Tracks: the Stable one and the Non-Stable one (Non-Stable could be in Alpha/Beta status).

      Regarding Tracks various possible FreePBX Distro Roadmaps: there is available a Features Roadmap of each Track (the Feature Roadmap is more a Feature Requests list in which is available the status of each open Feature Request for each considered Track) but, AFAIK, there isn't a Track Roadmap's Timeline or a more general Track's Timeline that would help to understand when a specific FreePBX Distro Track will become Stable, Alpha, Beta and EoL.