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In the past this feature was not possible as Asterisk has no ability to let a BLF button subscibe to a voicemail box and display when their are 1 or more waiting new voicemails.
If you are using FreePBX 2.11 and the FreePBX Distro this feature is now possible due to some features we have built into the FreePBX Distro only.
  • A hint for each voicemail box will now be auto created.
  • If you log into the Asterisk CLI and issue the following command you will see the hint for each voicemail box
  • In our example above voicemail box 101 has a hint created that you can program any BLF button to as *98101.
  • Now anytime voicemail box 101 has 1 or more new messages waiting the light will go off
  • Pressing the BLF button will prompt you to login with the password for voicemail box 101.


Thats all thats to it.  Hope you find this feature useful

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